University of Saskachewan

Bethany Haalboom

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Indigenous Land Management Institute

Selected Publications

Haalboom, B. and L. M. Campbell. 2012. Scale, networks, and information strategies: Exploring Indigenous peoples' refusal of a protected area in Suriname. Global Networks. 12 (3): 375-394.

Campbell, L.M., B. Haalboom, and J. Trow. 2012. Community-based conservation as grassroots sustainability enterprise? Sea turtle egg harvesting in Ostional, Costa-Rica. In A. Davies (ed.) Enterprising Communities: Grassroots Sustainability Innovations, (Advances in Ecopolitics, Volume 9). Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 145-162.

Haalboom, B. 2011. Framed encounters with conservation and mining development: Indigenous peoples' use of strategic framing in Suriname. Social Movement Studies 10 (4): 387-406.

Haalboom, B. The intersection of corporate social responsibility guidelines and Indigenous rights: Examining neoliberal governance of a proposed mining project in Suriname. Geoforum (in press).

Haalboom, B. and D.J. Natcher. The power and peril of 'vulnerability': Approaching community labels with caution in climate change research. Arctic (in press).

Haalboom, B. and Natcher, D.J. Considering the impacts of labels for Indigenous planning in the context of Arctic climate change. In R. Walker, T. Jojola, and D. Natcher (eds.), Reclaiming Indigenous Planning. (accepted)

Campbell, L.M., B. Haalboom, and J. Trow.  2007. Sustainability of community-based conservation: sea turtle egg harvesting in Ostional, (Costa Rica), ten years later. Environmental Conservation 34 (2): 122-131.

Haalboom, B., S. Elliott, J. Eyles, and H. Muggah.  2006. The risk society at work in the Sydney ‘Tar Ponds.' The Canadian Geographer 50 (2): 145-272.

 In Progress:

 Haalboom, B. The constructed contours of risk and Aboriginal participation in environmental governance of uranium mining in northern Saskatchewan