University of Saskachewan

Bethany Haalboom

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Indigenous Land Management Institute


I received both my undergraduate (B.A.) and Master's degrees (M.A.) at the School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University. Most recently, I received my Ph.D from the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University. I currently work as a post-doctoral fellow based at the Indigenous Land Management Institute, Bethany HaalboomUniversity of Saskatchewan.

Current and Future Research Themes:

Environmental and Social Governance of Large-Scale Resource Development

1) Indigenous Peoples Participation in Environmental and Social Governance of Mining Development

-What is the role of scientific information in these governance spaces, and how is it harnessed and/or challenged by Indigenous representatives?

-How do representatives respond to the circulation of scientific information based on local knowledge and social constructions of risk?

-How do these spaces serve as sites for the assertion of Indigenous rights?

2) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Multinational Corporations, and Indigenous Rights

-How effective are CSR practices in addressing human rights/Indigenous rights issues?

-What is the role of transnational social movements and NGOs in CSR debates and implementation?

-How do CSR practices compare to the discourse of CSR?

Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas: The Global Context of Local Responses

-Why, and in what ways, do Indigenous Peoples support or challenge the establishment of protected areas?

-What is the role of transnational social movements in shaping Indigenous Peoples' views and decisions about protected areas?

-How are environmental problems and proposed solutions framed by conservation organizations, scientists, and Indigenous rights organizations?